Audience Profile

Audience is startup founders, business owners, entrepreneurs and those truly aspiring to start a business.  This is a faithful executive play and a focused, loyal audience. The audience also comprises fans of hit television series Shark Tank, The Profit, Relative Success with Tabatha as well as Inc, Entrepreneur and Success magazines. Startup Radio Network is building impact for those who have started a business, founded a rapidly scaling startup,  or who are going to start a business are hungry for knowledge, information, and a side of entertainment. Over the next three years Startup Radio Network is working to connect in excess of seven million startup founders and entrepreneurs from around the world thru audio, video, online, and real world old-timey face-to-face meetings.



Our shows first stream live at startupradionetwork.com then podcasts appear on Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Overcast, Sonos, YouTube, Amazon Alexa, Spreaker, Player.fm, and anchor.fm. Everyone involved in Startup Radio Network including hosts, co-hosts, guests, event attendees, online platforms, vendors and partners must adhere to the Startup Radio Network’s Code of Conduct.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Startup Radio Network exists to connect founders and entrepreneurs from around the world that help to inspire and educate each other.  Our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness plays out our shows, our hosts, and even our business model. 10% of gross revenue from everything Startup Radio Network does goes directly to women founders around the world via microfinance thru the Kiva platform.  With open and transparent reporting, we’re currently supporting 7,257 entrepreneurs globally, 98% of which are women in developing countries as of March 8, 2018.


Community & Connection

The world currently has 582 million entrepreneurs of which 27 million are located in the United States. Startup Radio Network solves the problem of connecting these founders to each other to more quickly solve their most currently pressing issue, which of course is an ever growing list of issues. In creating global community of founders and entrepreneurs we’re facilitating a trusted environment of peer-to-peer comaraderie and connection allowing the entrepreneurs to create better and more impactful companies.


Founders Background

Startup Radio Network was founded by two old white guys, Mark Grimes and Michael Coates, who firmly believe that growth, diversity, inclusion, creativity, and community are necessary requirements to provide a rock solid base for startup founders and entrepreneurs worldwide. As co-organizers and founders of Pitch Black, Women Pitch,  Women's Startup Founders Unconference and LGBTQ Startup Pitch Grimes and Coates have a history of building things that matter. Grimes was also co-founder of Maker Faire Africa and NedSpace coworking for startups, and Coates was co-founder of Coates Kokes. Grimes has led startup founder workshops in Italy, Egypt, Ghana, Austria, Uganda, Kenya, and Oman.