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Felony Inc Podcast with Dave Dahl 

Friday's 10:00am-11:00am pacific time

Weekly interviews with ex-felons that have launched their own startup companies after serving time in prison. Host Dave Dahl founder of Dave's Killer Bread who has spent 15 years in prison sold his company in 2015 for $275 million dollars. Dave has great insight into what these founders face as they startup right out of the penitentiary. Dave is joined by his co-host and partner-in-crime Ladd Justesen.

Latino Founder Hour Podcast       

Friday's 11:00am-noon pacific time

Host Edgar Navas, founder of Cliqa and co-host Claudia Cardenas as they talk to Latino founders from around the world and explore insights and personal stories of success and failure. Latino Founder Hour Podcast is primarily presented in Spanish (occasionally English) as we explore a fast growing global community of latino startup entrepreneurs.

The Out Entrepreneur Podcast

Friday's noon-1:00pm pacific time

Host Rhodes Perry, a trans man, founder of The Out Entrepreneur, interviews some of the 1.1 million LGBTQ business founders around the US, and world. Highlighting everyday best practices, cultivating the next generation of LGBTQ leaders, and building effective rainbow coalitions with key stakeholders during the hour long show.


Veteran Founders Podcast

Friday’s 1:00pm-2:00pm pacific time

Host Josh Carter (US Navy Vet), CEO, Patriot Boot Camp, and co-host Carmen Nazario (US Army Vet), founder Elyon International, as they  explore the world of military veterans who have not only made the transition to civilian life, but have taken the extraordinary step to establish their own business.  Especially for veterans and friends and families of veterans, the show provides a positive and inspirational message.



In celebration of Portland Startup Week running April 2 through April 6, 2018, Startup Radio Network is hosting the first ever 24 hour live nonstop startupathon where over 100 local Portland, Oregon startup founders and entrepreneurs will be sharing their personal stories of incredible success, abject failure and overall Portlandness. This event is being held at NedSpace, in beautiful downtown Portland, as over 100 entrepreneurs share their business acumen with listeners from around the world.

In the Portland spirit of collaboration, connection and vision for a better world, we will use this 24 hour event as a platform to raise $5,000 for female entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world. The funds we raise will be distributed 100% transparently through microfinance platform, Kiva, where the starting count is 7,257 entrepreneurs, 98% of which are women in developing countries.  
Starting 10:00am pacific time on Monday April 2nd and running until 10:00am Tuesday April 3rd, hosts Amelia Pape (founder of My Street Grocery, acquired by Whole Foods, and Principal, ALICE Impact), Sara Batterby (Principal, The Batterby Group) and Mark Grimes (co-founder Startup Radio Network) will do their best to entertain you as they lose their collective minds from lack of sleep. This is not a Guinness Book of World Records attempt for longest podcast at 24 hours live broadcasting; however, this just may be the train wreck you've been waiting to hear. Startup is messy, unpredictable, sleep-depriving and full of inspiring characters...just like this podcast.

Tune-in and listen live at and let the wild rumpus begin. Have questions during the show? Use #startupradionetwork on Twitter, Instagram, or wherever hashtags are sold.                


Monday April 2nd



10:00 AM

Dave's Killer Bread, Dave Dahl

Wildfang, Emma Mcilroy

PIE, Rick Turoczy

Surprise Guest

11:00 AM

Portland Radio Project, Rebecca Webb

Oregon Public HouseStephen Green

Draplin Design Co, Aaron Draplin

Rapporto, Linda Weston


12:00 PM

Karvel DigitalKronda Adair

DHM ResearchSu Embree

Goat YogaLainey Morse

Cliqa, Edgar Navas


1:00 PM

MicroMentorAnita Ramachandran

Rhodes Perry, Rhodes Perry

Good MoonSarah Wang

KimeraMounir Shita


2:00 PM

Crazy Aunt Lindsey, Lindsey Murphy

Puppet Labs, Luke Kanies

Pregame, Ciara Pressler

Masala Pop, Neha Patel


3:00 PM

Spela Cosmetics, Maryam Behrouzi

Better, Smarter, Richer, Jackie B.

444 Beverages, Julio Castilleja

ADX, Kelley Roy


4:00 PM

Caravan Tiny House Hotel, Deb Delman

Serious Cheesy Puffs, Jack Kuo

Portland Monthly, Nicole Vogel

Minnie & George, L.A. Caldwell


5:00 PM

Tribe Media House, Faris Mubarak

Blue Star, Micah Camden

OEN, Maggie Finnerty

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Monday April 2nd



6:00 PM

Cactus Card Mobile App, Jess Chan

Handful, Jennifer Ferguson

Fitlandia, Christa King

Host Chat


7:00 PM

Abbey Creek Vineyard, Bertony Faustin

Yachting Lifestyle 365, Steve Johnson

2FarmGalaxy, Nadia Minaev

The LinkCindy Tortorici


8:00 PM

Ruby Receptionists, Jill Nelson

Patriot Bootcamp, Josh Carter

Dermestidarium, Carla Brauer

Host Chat


9:00 PM

Float On, Graham and Ashkhan

Plate & PitchforkErika Polmar

Jaz Spirits, Faith Dionne

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10:00 PM
Portland Product WerksSean Beers

Portland 3D Printing LabShashi Jain

Vive NorthwestJorge Guzman

20 Leagues, Jamie Hudson


11:00 PM

produced by HERKerri Lynne Thorp

Walker Tracker, Taylor Welsh

VOXAPODAmanda Wilson

AllGo, Rebecca Alexander


12:00 AM

Dovetail Coffee Roasters, Ben Edtl

Eber HealthHeber Michaels

Tokeativity, Lisa Snyder

Host Chat


1:00 AM

Afrikan Clothing CoSonia Fay Stolfo

World FusionLaura Martinez

Sess Canna, Melody Wright

RankfullKristine Campbell


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      Dovetail Coffee      

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Tuesday April 3rd



2:00 AM

Do What You LoveMaigen Thomas

One Stripe ChaiJoshua Weinberg

ScoutforStephen Ajayi

Host Chat


3:00 AM

Byrdie's Babes, Byrdie McCoy

TED coach, Cathey Armillas

Listener Calls

Host Chat


4:00 AM

PDX Money, Jesse Layton

BAKERpediaLin Carson

Thubten TV, Thubten

CanvasSara Pool


5:00 AM

The Radical Brand Lab, Jordan Hayles

Positively FocusedPerry Gruber

Good Clean Love, Wendy Strgar

Milk Your NutsLizz Hampton


6:00 AM

Wellness ConsolidatedSophia Asghar

Red Duck Ketchup, Shannon Oliver

CardsmithMonica Borrell

Host Chat

7:00 AM

Thrive On SeminarsTracey Adams

Deadstock Coffee, Ian Williams

Felton & MaryTory Campbell

The UnipiperBrian Kidd


8:00 AM

Wild Friends FoodsKeeley Tillotson

Wild Friends FoodsErika Welsh

Hanna Anderson, Gun Denhart

SensuCaleb Hailey


9:00 AM

Surprise Guests

Surprise Guests

Surprise Guests

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